Ecommerce – 4 tips on how to purchase books online cheaply

One of the areas where the American education system has neither favored students nor parents is in the cost of books as they can get pretty expensive. This article is meant to share tips on how you can save on your cost of books. This tips will come in handy at any level of education as well as whether you are looking for academic or leisure books.

Here are 4 tips on how to purchase books online cheaply.

1 Research for online bookstores that sell books cheaper

Thanks to the internet you can now be able to do price comparisons for books on online bookstores. There are some that will sell books much cheaper than others therefore it’s upon you to take your time and browse through online book stores until you find the ones that are cheaper. A good place to start will be, eBay Books, Barnes and Noble,, AbeBooks and Book Depository, among others.

2 Always do comparison shopping for your books

Just the same way you do price comparisons for any other product that you buy, is the same way you should do price comparisons for books before you buy them so that you can be able to find the best possible deal. The good thing about internet technology is that there are already websites in existence that you can use to search for price comparisons in different outlets without having to set foot out of your dorm room. You can start with Bing Shopping, Google Books, WeCompareBooks, PriceGrabber Books and Book Butler, among others.

3 Make use of discount coupons on online bookstores

There are a number of online bookstores that offer discount coupons to their customers as part of marketing initiatives for their online stores. Always make it a point to find out which online book stores have such offers and take full advantage of them. A good place to start will be RetailMeNot, FatWallet, Coupon Cabin, and Coupon Mountain, among others.

4 Make use of online digital libraries

Thanks to digital technologies, millions of books have today been digitized by publishers. This means that you no longer have to buy an expensive physical copy you can simply rent or buy a soft copy of the book and read it on your PC or mobile device. This will significantly cut down on your book purchasing costs. You may even end up being lucky and access these digital books for free.

Be sure to try out these simple tips and you will significantly cut down on the budgets that you allocate each semester for the purchase of books.

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