These are the main levels of higher education in America

Considering the fact that a significant number of Americans are not fully aware of how the higher education system is structured and how to navigate around it, this provides a good opportunity for a consulting business. An individual can be able to make a tidy sum of money through using their knowledge of the system to offer advice as well as career guidance to people looking to learn about how they can navigate this seemingly intimidating system.

Below, we look at the 3 main levels of higher education in America.

1 University level education

The university level is basically the first level of higher education in America. It’s at this stage that students will receive their first undergraduate degrees commonly referred to as bachelor’s degrees. For those who opt to start with community college, this is the level they will receive their associate degrees or advanced certificates or diplomas. Students will often either join four-year academic programs or two-year academic programs depending on their individual circumstances and they will have a wide array of professional programs they can pursue. As a rule, the Associate degree is the first kind of degree a student can attain but they will need to have it upgraded to an undergraduate degree in order for them to be able to pursue their professions as well as education further.

2 Post graduate university level

The post graduate level is basically the second level of higher education in America. This level which is commonly referred to as graduate school is the stage that students particularly those with undergraduate degrees have the opportunity of pursuing post graduate degrees such as a master’s degree or a post-master’s diploma or certificate. This is mostly a two-year program though the time of completion will vary depending on the specific subject of study and the individual student’s speed of study. The graduate degree is considered as an advanced degree.

3 Research doctorate

The research doctorate level is the highest level of higher education in America. This type of degree is usually not subject to examination or particular coursework alone, rather it requires a student to demonstrate that they have a mastery of their chosen subject area, as well as an ability to conduct research that is independent and meets the highest standards of originality. A doctorate degree will take between two and five years but it’s mostly dependent on the subject being studied as well as how the program has been structured.

A proper understanding about this entire system works can end up being a very profitable venture for a business in consulting in academic and career guidance.

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