About Us

Save Schools with Better Business Education is an online magazine that has been designed to fulfil a mission of inspiring sweeping changes in the way schools in the United States of America deliver curriculum to students in the education sector. We address the needs of students in all levels of education in America from the moment they enroll in school to the moment they accomplish their highest level of education. We not only address the needs of the students but also their teachers and educators as well as the institutions they go to.

This is a publication that will be of interest to students, teachers and educators, academic institutions as well as parents. We will always publish articles with insights, news, information and trends on the current state of the education sector as we cover various topical as well as general issues that pertain to the American education system.

We welcome your thoughts, ideas, questions and comments as we shed light on the different aspects of the education sector that we would like to see sweeping transformation.


John Lane – Founder, Save Schools with Better Business Education